5KW Wind Turbine

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Model:   ZH5KW

Rotor Diameter, Meters/Feet:       6.0/20

Swept Area, Sqm/ Sqft:        28/314

Number Of Blades:       3

Blade Material:      Fibre Glass Reinforced

Rated Power, Watts:     5000

@Rated Wind,M/S / Mph:    10/22.3

Peak Power @ 12.5 M/S:      6500

Cut-In Wind, M/S / Mph:      3/6.7

Output Form:  48vdc Nominal (Higher Voltage Optional)

Blade Pitch Control:      None, Fixed Pitch

Noise:    55db(A) From 50m With A Wind Speed Of 8m/s

Overspeed Protection:    Autofurl

Generator:      Permanent Magnet Alternator

Tower Top Weight:       320kg.

Lateral Thrust:       24KN At 50m/s



ZH5KW turbines are made of strong cast steel that makes them durable. ZONHAN turbines can withstand harsh

environments like strong winds and cold weather.Using high performance NdFeB permanent magnet, the alternator is

high efficient and compact. The unique electro-magnet design makes the bonding force and cut-in speed very low.


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