50KW Wind Turbine

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1.Inner structure


Anemometer supply the information of wind speed wind direction to PLC

PLC sends pitch / yawing / brake signal

Electric drive pusher for variable pitch

Worm wheel for yawing

Brake motor for electric brake

2. Generator:


Type: Asynchronous, 48 poles (24 Pole pairs )

Rating: 50KW,60 rpm, 500VDC

Generator:Permanent magnet (Nd-Fe-B) 38SH


Superior grade bearings (NSK,SKF), long-term grease, run 30000 hours without maintenance

Advantage: electric pitch control

3.  Blade


Technology : via foaming

Material : Fiberglass reinforced polyester

Special paint for wind turbine blade

Protective film

acumme infusion technology, without bubble, high strength , light weight

Blade position sensor for pitch control

FD23-50KW Wind Turbine

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