Solar charge Controller

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Features 1. Intuitionistic LED indicators show the current system battery capacity, charging and discharging state of the battery. 2. Having the protection functions as overcharging, over discharging, overload, short-circuit and reversed connection. 3. Tandem type PWM charging makes the charging efficiency increase by 3% to 6%, compared with non-PWM charging. 4.The parameters of charging and discharging have been set during the production(special parameters need to be told in advance), so no need to adjust the parameters. 5.It can set the working mode of the load. 6.USB charging function (optional).

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CM1524Z Solar Charger Controller 15A 24V

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WP Controller Has Following Features: 1.4-stage charging (Bulk Charge stage;Absorption Charge;Float Charge;Equalizing Charge) 2.Presets parameters for 3 different types of battery 3.Auto-detect the battery voltage or locked to a fixed voltage. 4.Adjustable charging voltage. 5.Temperature compensation for charging voltage. 6.Real-time clock function. 7.Various control modes for load. 8.Statistical data of generated energy and consumed energy

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Mini Solar charge controller

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Solar Charger Controller

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Function: 1. Image of LCD graphic symbol 2. Simple button operation 3. Automatic Identification System Voltage level 4. Intelligent PWM charge mode 5. Automatic Temperature Compensation 6. Adjustable charge-discharge control parameters 7. Settable Operating mode of Load hours 8. Accumulated function of charge and discharge Ampere 9. Remote monitoring and control function (custom) 10. Battery reverse-discharge protection 11. Battery reverse-discharge protection 12. Battery reverse connection protection

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